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Road safety education To School Children



India has seen vast development in the field of roads and highways in recent years and as aresult the interaction of people and vehicles has increased. Fifteen people die in road accidents every hour in India, making it an even bigger disaster than Tsunami. It is established by studies that much of the problem can be alleviated by making people aware about the correct use of the road.Thus Road Safety Education has become a necessity with increasing accident rate in cities and villages.Inculcating safe practices to be followed on road, ingrained in the young minds, can prove to be an effective measure in improving the road safety scenario in the country. ICT Pvt.Ltd.has been actively participating in road safety education programs through various projects undertaken and successfully completed, and has acclaimed appreciation for its works in Road Safety Public Education Dissemination from world over.ICT was awarded the Global Road Achievement Award of International Road Federation on the theme of Road Safety for a project on Dissemination of Road Safety Manual through Training of Trainers.International Road Federation – India Chapter has its one of the aims and objectives as Reduction of Road fatalities to 50% in next 3 years. For this, a number of initiatives have been taken up jointly with various Ministries of Government of India and also the States. One of the important step in the road safety campaign is the School Visits, where the young minds are trained for safety.

With the aim of contributing to the cause of road safety education, a school visit was planned and conducted, at the Vocational School of Pardada Pardadi Educational Society (PPES), an NGO involved in providing free education to the girls, located in Anupshahar in Bulandshahar district of U.P., was successfully carried out on the Republic Day i.e. on 26th January 2010.
While this is part of the IRF India Chapter’s key objective,it is also the theme of ICT’sconscious adoption of corporate social responsibility.The campaign aimed at making the school children aware of the importance of road safety and giving them a basic understanding of the issues in existing road safety scenario.This led to explanation on their normal road use where they can adopt safe practices in walking, cycling, road crossing, etc which are important for avoiding any accident on the road.

1.1 Objectives of the Program

The objective of the road safety campaign program at the PPES Vocational School was twofold.One, to sow the seed of road safety education in the minds of the young girls, and second to make the campaign self sustaining by educating the teachers regarding the road safety issues and practices so that these could be taught to the girls on daily basis, in the school. Also through these school girls, attempt could be made to reach out to the entire community in Anupshahar,as each child could be used as a catalyst to spread the road safety education in their families and neighbours.

1.2 About the School

Located in the village of Anupshahar in Bulandshehar district of UP, Vocational School of Pardada Pardadi Educational Society, which is an NGO involved in providing free education to the girls of Anupshehar. This area is one of India's poorest -socially and economically and also least-literate. The school was founded by Mr. Virender Singh a retired officer of DuPont South Asia. The School is run with an aim to educate the girls of the village, and these girls are provided with both normal education and vocational skills in the same school to make them self sufficient and independent after their education. The school provides these children with the school uniform, books, day-time meals, and an amount of Rupees 10 per day which is deposited in bank account in the name of each student which is handed over to the girl at the time of their graduation from the school.The school also assists and helps the girls completing their studies in the school for further education or in securing job.Many of them have been found to have become entrepreneurs of some small scale industry, cottage industry or other such means of income and livelihood after completion of their education.


The team arrived at the school a day in advance, on 25th Jan 2010. Administrative Manager Mr. Shajan Jose received the team and briefed them regarding the school and the following day’s program. On the day of the campaign, the program started with flag hoisting on the occasion of the republic day 26th January 2010. The campaign was a part of the republic day celebration and the inaugural part was attended by entire school and parents of the students as well.

The flag was hoisted by the chief guest Dr. P.K.Sikdar, followed by his speech, which included a message related to road safety scenario in the country and how awareness of the children can transform the country’s future in road safety. Parents of the school children were also present on the occasion, and an appeal was made to them to help in making their children aware about road safety and spread it in the community as well. The speech was followed by a cultural program by the school students.

Cultural Program held at PPES School on Republic Day, 26th January 2010


2.1 Team Members

The Road Safety Team comprised of 5 people including road safety expert, Dr. P.K.Sikdar. The other members of the team were Ms. Vijaya Prasad Saxena, Mr. Harikrishna Kondamuru,Mr. Umang Jain, having experience in the road safety public education programs conductedin various parts of the country and a supporting staff member.

2.2 Activities Planned and Schedule

The various activities planned and conducted for the campaign are as given below:

Flag hoisting and speech on Road Safety by Dr. P.K.Sikdar
10:00 AM
Road safety themed drawing competition - Class V
11:00 AM
Presentation on road safety to school children – Class VI
11:00 AM
Road safety movies/games
11:45 AM
Distribution of road safety booklets
11:45 AM
Road Crossing event
12:30 PM
Presentation and briefing of teachers on road safety
1:30 PM
Discussion with school principal
2:30 PM

3.2 Description of Activities

Drawing competition: Road safety themed drawing competition was held at the school, with the students of class V. The students being too young were exposed to the safe practices on road using the colouring palettes provided to them, depicting the safe practices on road, through the pictures. The colouring palettes depicted various pictures of traffic signal, zebra crossing, seat belt, helmets etc. The team members helped them and explained to them, what each picture was indicating to and what the message behind it. Thus in a playful and interesting manner the message of road safety was told to the young students of class V.

Presentation on Road Safety to students: Class VI students were given the road safety presentation in the library hall where about 70-80 students of class VI were made to sit along with their class teachers. The presentation aimed at providing the students with basic information regarding road safety and how in our day to day life we are exposed to unsafe situations on road. They were also told what prevention measures they can follow to avoid accidents and be safe. Importance of the golden rule, ‘see and be seen’ on road was explained to these students. The presentation continued for one hour and was an interactive one.
Students also participated with full vigor and also narrated road accident scenarios, which they had witnessed in their surroundings. The lesson to be learnt, from each such incident was explained to the students by the road safety team members.

Road Safety Campaign Activities Being Conducted at PPES School


Road safety games:
The computer games were loaded in the school computers and shown to the children about how to play the games. These games are for training the young children with a correct behaviour on road. Both the computer teacher/instructor and the children were very enthusiastic for these games, which have really impressed many of the children.

Distribution of road safety booklet and Pamphlet: Road safety booklets were distributed amongst the students after the program. The booklets as given in Annexure I included information regarding the accident scenario in India and safe practices for various targets groups like pedestrians, cyclists, two wheeler users and four wheeler users. The pamphlet is also a handout with quick tips on road safety for all types of road users.

Road crossing event:
A road crossing event was organized by the road safety team in which students of class VI were taken to the local road, near the school and were made to cross the road, under supervision of the road safety team. While crossing the road, students were instructed about the basic steps of ensuring safety while crossing the road. The activity was carried out with all the students of class VI in batches, and this was done in the presence of teachers so that they will be able to guide other students in road crossing event.Presentation and briefing of teachers on road safety: The teachers were also given a presentation on road safety. This was very important and was done in elaborate manner as teachers remain in constant contact with the students throughout the year and on daily basis,who can help effectively in providing the students with road safety education continuously, so that it registered in their mind. In addition to the presentation, they were provided with the information regarding road safety message for continuing the campaign. The purpose of interaction with them was to give them ideas as to how they can teach the students on a daily basis, for adoption of the safe practices on road. In the presentation the various road safety activities which can be conducted with the students, to make learning about road safety easy, fun and at the same time impactful, was also told to the teachers of the school. The road safety booklets and pamphlets, given in Annexure I, were distributed amongst the teachers after the presentation and a question answer session was held in which, teachers asked various questions to the team members. This helped them clear their doubts and misconceptions regarding safe behaviour on the road.Finally, a meeting with the school principal was held. The team members congratulated the principal for the success of initiative taken by the school, for educating the girls of Anupshahar with vocational skills in addition to their normal education. Various Road Safety materials like booklets, pamphlets, posters, etc were given in large quantity to the principal for continuing the safety education in the school, particularly to the other classes. The one day program held at the Pardada Pardadi School ended after the meeting, which was followed by lunch.

3.3 Road Safety Materials for the Campaign

The various road safety materials prepared in advance for the program and distributed or handed over are listed below:

1. Colouring Palettes for drawing competition

2. Road Safety Booklet

3. Road Safety Pamphlet

4. Road Safety Posters

5. Road Safety Films

6. Road Safety Computer Games

7. PowerPoint Presentation on Road Safety